(noun) eternalworx:

  • the works we discover, produce, perpetuate.
  • the ideas leading to deeper connections; to the concepts that carry us forward; to the discoveries we make when we question.


Eternalworx is about the imagery of ideas; ideas that flow as smooth as brush strokes. Strokes that link the images forming in our minds to the ideas they represent. Giving freedom to the questions creating them.

How does that work? Can we make this better? How can we change this so it doesn’t do that anymore? Tell me… Show me… Let me…

These are the questions that fascinate me. The ideas that I want to dig into, the answers I want to find. My belief is that my lifelong love of words and the pictures they paint in my mind leads me to understand my connection to the world. It’s my wish that through sharing my connection, you’ll find yours.

Let’s paint some ideas, link some images and share some answers together.

Let’s create some Eternalworx.


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