Camping – And Then There Were Trailers

originally posted June 12, 2016


In this camping series, we’ve taken a look at camping hacks and we’ve talked about tents. So what else does this season need? That’s right, camper trailers and RVs. And just like tents, trailers come in all shapes and sizes. As well as a wide range of luxury points.


soft side tent trailersA lot of us may remember the soft top tent trailers. Those small units that were basically a metal box with a tent stuck on top. Quick and easy to set up, they provided an alternative to sleeping on the ground.

Over time, they grew and expanded, becoming a little more elegant and offering a few more practical features to improve the camping experience. A small kitchen/dining area gave us options for those rainy days when cooking over a campfire turned out to be only a wish.


Then we moved into hard top trailers that allowed for bigger tents and greater ease of living. First, crank up tops which then grew into power hard top camper trailerlift tops allowing setups to become almost automatic. They included larger kitchen areas with fridges and stoves, and dining/living areas, often complete with extra couch seating.

They gave us queen or even king size beds, and you can find models that offer the all-important toilet/shower cubicles. These new and improved features turned tent trailer camping into a luxury experience.

Then There Were Trailers

If you’re looking to step up higher on the luxury ladder, you can always opt for the travel trailer experience. These units forgo the tent completely, a nice benefit if you’re unlucky enough to have uncooperative holiday weather. Setup generally involves first chocking the wheels and leveling the trailer. Many trailers come with automatic levelers, others use a crank system. Plug into the electrical hookup, attach your water and optional sewer lines and you’re good to go.

campsite yard

Of course, lots of campers have those little touches to make their sites more comfortable. Extras like matting by the door the slow the dirt migration inside. Plus those comfy lounge chairs for soaking up the rays. And a few lines strung up strategically for everything that needs hanging. But with travel trailers, the major setup hassles are a thing of the past.


The 5th Wheel Motorhome

A further step up the luxury ladder is going all out and choosing a 5th wheel motorhome. These plush RVs have the character and beauty of a house on wheels.


motorhome hitchenThey come with ample storage space, comfortable bedrooms, and well-appointed kitchens and bathrooms.motorhome bathroom

And for someone who’s looking to take their retirement on the road, a 5th Wheel motorhome can be an excellent choice of travel accommodations. You can tap into the comforts of home, including satellite hookups, washer and dryer preps. Plus many have USB ports throughout the trailer, great for all your electronics.

There’s nothing like pulling into a campsite and often within an hour your trailer is good to go. All your lines are connected. Your “yard” is set up for some well-deserved relaxation. Your clotheslines are stretched between the trees and the kids have started the inevitable holiday racket.Snoopy & Woodstock in tents


Ah, camping. Is there any other way to live…


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