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Camping – Let’s Look At Tents

originally posted June 5, 2016   In my last post I took a look at the variety of camping hacks available designed to make your camping trip fun and easy. But first, you need to set up camp and that means deciding on your shelter. What are you going to live in while you’re out there enjoying Mother Nature? Tents, […]

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Life After the Shelter

originally posted May 28, 2016   The previous post looked at homelessness; specifically my view of homelessness seen from personal experience. Today’s post takes the next step. Namely, is there life after the shelter? So, I’ve hit the three and a half month mark since I left my temporary home. It’s time to evaluate. Is this really better than where […]

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The State of Homelessness – Daily Hell or Down to a Science

originally posted May 28, 2016   Homelessness. Nobody thinks it’ll ever happen to them and my wish for the world is that it doesn’t. Not in a cold country like Canada. It’s hard to sleep in alleys and parks during a winter temperature that can drop to -40° even without a wind chill. And the downhill slope that takes you […]

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